Cleaning under pressure.

Washing tunnels around the world: Unimog equipped with a Mulag MFK 500-T. What do Japan and Mexico have in common? A multitude of road tunnels in big cities and on out-of-town trunk roads. They are subjected to immense strain by the vast quantities of traffic flowing through them and the partially tropical climate of both [...]

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Cologne uses extreme off-road Unimog in floods.

Cologne, Thursday evening. At the DLRG lifeboat headquarters, it is the start of a planning session to prepare for the anticipated flood. In focus: Cologne's Kasselberg district. The team led by Michael Grohe starts to prepare for the driving and ferry services that will soon be needed. The centrepiece of the operation: Unimog, the off-road [...]

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The Unimog on Safari in Tuscany.

Dear readers, Friends of nature, wine connoisseurs or off-road fans alike are all tempted by the green hills of Monti del Chianti in the heart of Italy's Tuscany region. The area draws in innumerable tourists each year. And with good reason too! A tour through the Chianti mountains serves as a discovery tour through both [...]

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