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Unimog Technical Information

Unimog Technical Information

The Unimog is available in various models to suit different applications and work requirements.

Off Road Chassis – 404S, 1300L, 1550L, U3000 – 4000 and 5000. For maximum off road mobility these long wheelbase Unimogs are the ticket.

U600, U800, U900 Agricultural – Vehicle DimensionsTechnical Data

U800, U900, U1150 – Vehicle DimensionsTechnical Data

U1000, U1200, U1400, U1600, U1700 Agricultural – Vehicle DimensionsTechnical Data

U1400, U1450, U1600, U1650 Medium Duty Series – Vehicle DimensionsTechnical Data

U1300L – Vehicle Dimensions and Technical Data (Related to the U1550L)

U1550L – Vehicle Dimensions and Technical Data

U2400, U2450, U2450L – Vehicle Dimensions

U100L, U140L U1450L, U1550L, U1650L U2150L – Technical Data