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Mross Import Service LTD also stocks parts for DaimlerChrysler Gelandewagens and Industrial engines.

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Unimog Parts and Service in Canada
Unimog Parts and Service in Canada

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Service Tip of the Month!
We have seen considerable confusion about the service products being used in the operation of the Unimog and would like to clear up this  matter.   Mercedes recommends full synthetic oil in the running gear in Unimog-type vehicles.   Special attention is drawn to the fact that only GL4 oils are to be used in the transmission and GL5 in the axles.

Model: 405, 408, 418, 427, 437
Major assembly
Intervals between engine oil and filter changes

Following is the overview of the specified engine oils and of the intervals for changing the engine oil and filter which currently apply.



Specifications for Service Products

Engine oil and filter change (service hours)


Model series 600

229.3 multi-grade oil – (
229.1 – (
228.5 – (
228.3 – (
228.1 – (
227.1 a.) – *




Model series 300

228.5 multi-grade oil
228.3 – (
228.1 – (
227.1 a.)
228.2 single-grade oil – *
228.0 – *
227.0 a.) – *


405 Model series 900 228.5 multi-grade oil – (


( = should be used
* = can be used

Please note these details are also applicable on older models.

Multi-grade oil: Can be used all year round
Single-grade oil: To be used within the recommended temperature limits

If the sulfur content in the fuel is higher than 0.5 – 1.0% by weight, the oil change interval must be halved.

Sheet 227.0/.1 is only approved for naturally aspirated engines.  It is only to be used when none of the engine oils specified on sheet 228.0/.1/.2/.3/.5 are available.

Engine oils specified on sheet 228.5
Engine oils specified on sheet 228.5 were developed exclusively on DaimlerChrysler’s initiative.  These oils represent the highest quality levels worldwide for diesel engines.  These are low friction engine oils of SAE grades 10W-40, 5W 40 and 5W-30.

These oils are especially recommended by us as they have favorable effects on the engine’s wear characteristics, fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions.

Oil fill on reconditioned assemblies

Model series 300/600

Similar to series production major assemblies, reconditioned engines are filled with initial operation engine oil.  The first oil change must be carried out no more than 100 service hours later.