Control system m|control

The systematic integration of CAN bus technology and innovative control concepts opens up new ways for ergonomic equipment operation of MULAG embank­ment mowers with a proportional control – a clear advantage in all application situations extending over long periods.

The modular assembly of individual control compo­nents into single-handed, combination, or convenience seat control offers operators the most excellent flexibility. The control elements can be individually selected and attached for each vehicle and product. This gives you optimal solutions for professional one and two-man operations.

ERGONOMICS is our watchword

The shape of our controls is designed ergonomically to fit the operator’s right hand (left-hand option available) perfectly. This allows fatigue-free control of the power arm and the integrated operating elements, even when working long hours. The various mounting locations, e.g. on the armrest or at the centre console, mean that it is possible.

Operator information system

The integrated operator information system with TFT colour display and menu guidance provides information regarding operating hours and functions selected. It may also be switched to diagnostic troubleshooting and system monitoring. The operator information system can execute and monitor all power arm control functions.

The equipment control system’s input and output signals can be displayed in diagnostics mode. The colour display shows perfect graphical feedback of all information during mowing work and in the event of servicing in every operating way.

Multifunction joystick m|pilot

MULAG has opened up a new dimension in equipment control by developing an innovative control design for power arm and verge mowing equipment. The optionally available MULAG m|pilot, for which a patent application has been submitted, can call up six proportional functions on one level simultaneously, and so a simple switchover allows two power arms to be controlled with ease. This dramatically simplifies day-to-day working with one or more power arms. Operation as a whole has been significantly improved ergonomically and, even in the case of differing device types, constitutes a consistent overall concept which is easy to understand.

  • Six proportional functions are available on one level
  • Two mowing units can be controlled with one joystick
  • Intuitive operation concept
  • Adjustable palm rest 

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