Loading and unloading

Ground support procedures should proceed as quickly and safely as possible to speed up ground and passenger handling. The strong points of the Orbiter conveyor belt vehicles are evident when it comes to unloading and loading baggage and other small cargo. In terms of baggage handling, the line of Orbiter products has the following benefits:

Benefits of Orbiter conveyor belt vehicles

Thanks to the straightforward, intuitive operation of the vehicle and conveyor belt and the great flexibility and extensive range of the belt body, the Orbiter is suitable for many applications. The products are convincing with their sophisticated ergonomic operating elements at the belt body and feature several innovative details, such as the optimized bumpers, which prevent damage to the aircraft body and, thus, delays or cancellations of flights.

The flexible setting of the conveyor belt gives the ground staff the chance to optimize the handling process or adjust it to exceptional circumstances. The baggage is conveyed safely on the non-slid endless belt with a Rufftop surface. A telescopic double railing prevents interruptions of the loading and unloading process and provides increased safety.

Additional equipment

The efficiency and safety of the Orbiter conveyor belt vehicles can be enhanced with additional equipment. With the anti-collision assistant ACA, we offer an option to improve significantly baggage handling and make it even safer. The optional Power-Stow conveyor belt extension is another valuable addition. The unique roller design of this conveyor belt extension provides extreme stability in everyday applications while cutting costs by reducing personnel requirements and loading times.

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