Mulag Safety

Safety with MULAG

Based on the long-standing equipment partnership between Unimog and MULAG and intensive cooperation, which stands for the joint development of equipment perfectly matched to Unimog, you can be sure that all aspects of the Unimog mounting and assembly guidelines are fulfilled and certified with a letter of confirmation. In particular, it is necessary to prove compliance with essential elements to obtain this document:

  • Compliance with permissible axle loads and the maximum total weight
  • Reliable stability due to tested residual wheel load with full extension of the boom
  • High-capacity hydraulics with adequate cooling and filtering
  • Tested interfaces – mechanical, electrical and hydraulic
  • Reduction of the roll angle in operation due to torsion frame and rear axle locking

Unimog Warranty

With the Unimog mounting and assembly guidelines, Daimler AG has defined a precise specification for how devices must be designed for proper mounting on the Unimog. The operating manual of the vehicle also clearly points out the advantages of an existing letter of confirmation:

The warranty for the Unimog can be endangered if these mounting and assembly guidelines are not observed. General requirements such as sufficient stability, maintained axle loads, and trouble-free interfaces are prerequisites for safely using the vehicle/device combination.

MULAG original spare parts

In the case of performance-critical parts such as hydraulic components, gears and filters, safety-critical parts such as protective chains and sensors and wearing parts such as flail cutters, cutting knives and mounting parts, no compromises should be made in the quality of spare parts to avoid endangering the safety of users and equipment.

Original parts also increase cost-effectiveness through greater availability, higher energy efficiency and an extended service life. The GS safety mark is only valid if original parts are used. Non-original parts, on the other hand, invalidate the warranty.

Product details for more safety

The operator‘s safety increases tremendously if he does not have to leave the cab during the work assignment. MULAG offers various product details to adjust the boom and the carrier vehicle conveniently and safely from the cab.

  • Hydraulic torsion frame
  • Hydraulic wheel support (Rear axle)
  • Hydraulic rotating device (Pick-up device Working Attachment)

Safety Stop
All our working attachments can be brought to a standstill within approx. Four seconds it was using a brake valve. On attachments equipped with the m|tronic flail arm relief control system, the cutter shaft stops automatically when it lifts off the ground. This means extra safety when using the equipment.

Boom protection system
Depending on the reach, our boom systems are hydraulically secured and retract in case of an obstacle.

Ergonomics in the workplace
The MULAG device control m|control provides you with a simple and efficient control concept for the combination use of boom devices.

  • Ergonomic multifunction controls for more comfort and safety
  • A compact colour display with a clear and easy-to-read user interface
  • High operational reliability and convenience with m|tronic power arm relief

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