Mowing and Collection

The ECO 1200 plus greenery maintenance head offers an innovative mowing concept for implementing increased ecological requirements for the maintenance of roadside greenery.

During the new development, the relevant aspects of the mowing method, cutting height and area passed over were systematically analyzed to achieve the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Environmentally friendly mowing in the field of professional roadside maintenance

The greenery maintenance head is based on a disc mowing principle, which is not comparable with the systems available on the market so far. A mechanical scraper device is also installed upstream.

By chasing up the insects sitting in the grass in good time and picking up the mowed material using a targeted airflow from the top (above the grass intake) and a largely closed floor plate, considerably fewer creatures get into the mowing head.

This innovative concept has minimized the cutting unit’s impact surfaces, while an increased cutting height ensures ecologically friendly mowing. As a side effect, picking up the mowed material creates meagre green zones, which form a very good basis for flowering vegetation.

Optimized mowing process

Refining the disc mowing principle by horizontal cutting with small blades results in a smaller contact surface of the cutting blades. The knives used in the mowing process are designed to create no suction effect from below. The characteristics are, therefore, similar to those of a beam mower, with the additional advantages of a free cut.

Smaller contact surface: The cutting surface of the new disc mowing principle is approx. 50 times smaller than that of a conventional flail mower, the shearing surfaces are approx. 80% smaller

Raised cutting height

In the expert literature, cutting heights above 10 cm are considered particularly protective. For this reason, the ECO 1200 plus is designed to not cut below a cutting height of 10 cm.

For the livestock on the ground, the chance of survival is considerably improved compared to conventional systems, yet the worked area is reliably mown out with these new conditions.

Area covered by rollover

The cutting width of the green maintenance head of 1.20 m is based on proven systems.  The passage of a pressing roller over the mown area with conventional mowing heads creates a risk of harm to living creatures on the ground. The MULAG greenery maintenance head uses sensor rollers, which only affect a small area. The reduced ground contact protects the livestock on the ground.

Picking up the cut grass

It should be taken up to avoid covering livestock on the ground with the mown material. This has the side effect of creating meagre green zones, providing a good basis for flowering vegetation.

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