Unimog U400

Unimog U 400 offers unmatched performance. And it can be custom equipped more individually than any series manufactured vehicle. Plus the Unimog’s off-road characteristics are unparalleled.With a top speed of up to 89 km/h it’s also faster than a tractor.The panoramic cab offers an optimum view for working in comfort and safety.

Chassis design: Portal axles, permanent all-wheel-drive, coil springs, single tyres.

Vehicle drive system: Transmission, intelligent gear shift, hydrostatic drive, automatic shift, converter and clutch unit.

Mechanical implement drive: Front power take off, rear power take off, auxiliary drives.

Safe, cost effective, robust frame design. State of the art Euro 4 engines with BlueTec.


  • Wheel base mm: 3080
  • Emission class: Euro 4
  • Engine: Type: OM 904 LA
    Cylinders: 4
    Output KW(hp): 130(177)
  • Perm. GVW (t) : 11.9,12.5,(13.0)
  • Perm. front axle load (t): 6.7,6.7,(6.5)
  • Perm. rear axle load (t): 7.0,7.0, (7.5)

Mross Import is selling quality Unimogs, to be used by people that need reliable machinery of the highest quality.

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