Verge Cleaning

Applications in verge cleaning

Besides improving the appearance of a road, well-tended verges greatly enhance transport safety. Clean verges allow for the smooth draining of rainwater and can be used as a hard shoulder in case of emergency.

Wide product range

MULAG offers a wide range of different equipment and attachments for verge cleaning, starting with the weed brush WKB 750 over the roadside brush RB 650, verge clearing attachment BRG 1000 and the MULAG mowing heads for attachment to the MULAG power arms up to self-driving verge cleaning machines mounted on trucks.

Flexible application

Use the brushes to remove weeds and dirt from verges and paved areas. The roadside brush RB 650 cuts overgrown verges and returns the cut grass and weeds back onto the verge. The verge cleaner BRG 1000 for attachment to the power arm cuts overgrown verges back to road level to allow for smooth rainwater draining. Mounted to the MULAG power arm with its large range, the different attachments can be used flexibly.

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