Road equipment, traffic signs, walls and tunnels get soiled by exhaust fumes, pollen, and dust. Cleaning them at regular intervals is mandatory to ensure road safety. MULAG developed special attachments for easy and economically efficient cleaning for these cleaning jobs.


The double-washing brush DWB is particularly versatile in cleaning reflector posts and traffic signs. The surface washing brush FWB 1600, with a working width of 1.60 m, is perfect for cleaning large traffic signs. On request, other working widths are available.

Ultrasonic sensors, for example, at the brushes relieve the operator of some of the workload and ensure a longer useful life of the material and your MULAG attachment. A benefit that will pay off in the end!

Extensive range of accessories

Depending on the intended use and carrier vehicle, we offer a wide selection of water barrel sizes and water pumps of different power classes. At your request, other optional accessories, such as high-pressure manual spray guns, can be attached to your carrier vehicle.

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