Water Management

Waters conservation

Conservation and protection of waters play a significant role in improving flood control. The job involves keeping embankments and dams free of excessive growth. As the bank borders are the habitat of many rare animal species, these areas must be treated with special care. The cut grass must be removed to avoid any unintended fertilizing of embankment and water and to ensure unimpeded draining of flood water.

Applications in water management

The double-blade cutter DSW 1900 effortlessly cuts grass and reed over a width of 1.90 m. Then, the cut material is collected with the rotary rake KH 2500. The mowing basket MKB 2450 has been adjusted explicitly to MULAG power arms. The MULAG power arms’ kinematics and the mowing basket’s revised design make it easy to mow and collect long grass and reed from ditches over a width of 2.45 m.

SW 1900

The MULAG double-blade cutter DSW 1900 is suitable for mowing grass and bush on embankments and waysides up to 10 mm.

MKB 2450

The MULAG mowing bucket MKB 2450 is suitable for clearing the roadside ditch from grass and plants. The basket is used to cut, collect and set aside the cuttings in one operation.


KH 2500

The MULAG rotary rake KH 2500 is suitable for collecting cuttings along the edge of slopes and waysides.

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