Railway Wood Maintenance

Use on the tracks.

Another special application of the MULAG mowers is rail cars or modified vehicles running on tracks. Professional clearing and maintenance of track systems is a significant factor for safety in railway traffic. The MULAG railway units, developed for use on rail cars, are tested and certified by Deutsche Bahn.
Also, for this sector, there is a range of MULAG power arms for front- and rear-mounting to your vehicle to choose from.

Branch and hedge cutter

The MULAG power arms can mow grass and undergrowth alongside the railway tracks and cut branches and shrubbery. Our branch and hedge cutter AWS 2200 cuts up to 110 mm branches.

Efficient free zone cutters

For cutting branches up to 160 mm in diameter, we recommend the MULAG free zone cutter FSG2000 mm with four separately driven circular saw blades. This powerful tool offers premium efficiency thanks to excellent cutting quality and high operating speed.

Chaffing of the cut shrubbery

Use the brushwood shredding rotor head BRK 1200 to break up the cut brushwood lying on the ground.

The MULAG-free zone cutter FSG 2000 is suitable for clearing branches and twigs up to 150 mm on ways and roads with an optimum cutting pattern.

The MULAG branch and hedge cutter AWS 2200 are suitable for clearing branches and twigs up to 110 mm on ways and roads.

The MULAG stump grinder BSF 500 is suitable for grinding every kind of stump along roadsides, between crash barriers and for other similar applications.

FME 500 DB

Our Flail Mowers are particularly developed for the special safety requirements of railway systems and are therefore the perfect solution for the all-year-round maintenance of slopes, verges and free zones.

ME 700 DB

With the ME 700 DB the MULAG mowing concept can also be used on railways. With its many alternative working implements, this system is ideal for extensively maintaining railway embankments. It also complies with the safety regulations of the Federal Railway of Germany (Deutsche Bahn) in all aspects.

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