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Mross Import Service Ltd. is North America’s largest independent stocking dealer of Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and accessories for Unimogs and we are proud to be the main supplier for many of the Unimog service centres throughout Canada and the United States.

Mercedes Unimogs

Unimogs are maybe the most versatile shunting vehicles on the market with one of the most fuel efficient engines. Liked by its users for its versatility, efficiency, longevity and outstanding safety aspects.  The public appreciates its low noise level in urban areas and its fuel efficient engine to keep pollution to a minimum.


Unimogs have over 1000 different implements, and multiple solutions for almost any industry. Whether it’s cleaning streets, cutting grass, installing poles, removing snow, or working the farm, you can rest assured this work horse will get the job done.

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Carrying such a large parts inventory ensures that you, our valued customer, has easy access to overnight shipment (if required) of service and repair parts keeping your “down time” to a minimum. Please note that we carry Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and not inferior quality aftermarket replacement parts at discount prices. If you own a Unimog you know it deserves only the best. Keep it genuine with Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts!

We carry a large selection of printed matter including owner operator manuals, workshop manuals and parts books. These are invaluable to travelers, do-it-yourself enthusiasts and shop owners alike. Some items are available on CD-ROM also. Check with us for specific availability for your model.

We are also the Western Canadian Distributor for RUD Chains.

Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to keep all information on our website up to date, please note that specifications and availability are subject to change without notice



Cleaning under pressure.

Washing tunnels around the world: Unimog equipped with a Mulag MFK 500-T.

What do Japan and Mexico have in common? A multitude of road tunnels in big cities and on out-of-town trunk roads. They are subjected to immense strain by the vast quantities of traffic flowing through them and the partially tropical climate of both countries. Exhaust emissions, dust, fauna and flora all create visible soiling which, in some cases, can even become a safety hazard.

This is why it’s particularly important that they are cleaned on a regular basis, so as to prevent cars and motorbikes from being hindered by dirt or poor visibility. Unimog ExpertPartner Mulag has come up with a special implement solution for the job: the MFK 500-T tunnel washer. In Japan and Mexico, this Unimog combination has already proven its worth.