The universal solution against snow and icy roads: The Unimog U 500 with winter maintenance equipment

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog clears roads when other vehicles can’t get any further Winter maintenance is a core competence of the Universal-Motor-Gerät (universal motor machine) early on Mercedes-Benz Museum Close-Up: Cars, Architecture and Exhibition Design – No. 1/2022 Stuttgart. “Close-Up” – the name of the series by the Mercedes-Benz Museum says it all. Each instalment tells surprising, [...]

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An apple farmer and his Unimog braving the floods.

When storm Dennis raged across the English village Hampton Bishop in the district of Herefordshire last year causing the rivers to overflow, and cider producer Kier Rogers and his Unimog U 1700 came to the local residents’ aid. Rural idyll under threat. Hampton Bishop is located between two streams, Lugg and Wye, joining not far [...]

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Unimog Specialist in Canada With 50 Years’ Experience

In old Europe there are many stories about people who emigrated to North America and found fame and fortune there. A common feature of all these tales is that the people concerned worked hard or were luminaries in a scientific field. But men like Hans Mross who were able to directly transfer their job and [...]

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More Than Farming. The Unimog is profitable throughout the year.

The Unimog as a workhorse in agriculture: in its most traditional discipline nothing can fool this all-rounder. Sowing, harvesting, transporting: in just a few steps this multi-talented vehicle can be equipped for a variety of tasks. Especially contractors and service providers benefit from the Special Truck's year-round commitment. The Unimog is ready for any challenge [...]

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Cleaning under pressure.

Washing tunnels around the world: Unimog equipped with a Mulag MFK 500-T. What do Japan and Mexico have in common? A multitude of road tunnels in big cities and on out-of-town trunk roads. They are subjected to immense strain by the vast quantities of traffic flowing through them and the partially tropical climate of both [...]

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Cologne uses extreme off-road Unimog in floods.

Cologne, Thursday evening. At the DLRG lifeboat headquarters, it is the start of a planning session to prepare for the anticipated flood. In focus: Cologne's Kasselberg district. The team led by Michael Grohe starts to prepare for the driving and ferry services that will soon be needed. The centrepiece of the operation: Unimog, the off-road [...]

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The Unimog on Safari in Tuscany.

Dear readers, Friends of nature, wine connoisseurs or off-road fans alike are all tempted by the green hills of Monti del Chianti in the heart of Italy's Tuscany region. The area draws in innumerable tourists each year. And with good reason too! A tour through the Chianti mountains serves as a discovery tour through both [...]

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Full speed ahead with Unimog.

With its versatile implement attachment and mounting areas there are practically no limits to the applications the Unimog can be used for. It can tow trailers weighing several tonnes with the same ease with which it covers cross-country terrain. There’s a suitable model in the Unimog family for almost every purpose, and Cologne’s Waterways and [...]

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Steering conversion for Unimog using genuine Mercedes-Benz parts.

The older a vehicle gets, the harder it becomes to find suitable spare parts – that’s the generalisation cited by most experts, and the main reason why Unimog is constantly working to improve the reliable provision of spare parts. At the Unimog works, service technicians are constantly developing new solutions for converting older model series. [...]

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Germany’s Got Talent – for snow ploughing.

Setting the standards with the first German snow ploughing championships. Impressive manoeuvres, a tough competition against the clock and lots of fun for the drivers and spectators – that about sums up the first national snow ploughing competition. The exciting contests were carried out in a Unimog U 527. Precision with the snow plough. [...]

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